Bếp 1919 Vietnamese kitchen / A culinary back in time Bếp 1919 was founded and created in the ancient charming town of Hoi An by Mr Thanh and his wife Mrs Nguyet . Thanh who was born in Vietnam, fled with his family in a refugee boat in 1979 following the Vietnam War. Though he only spent the first 5 years of his childhood in small town of Vietnam before he fleeing to Denmark, his parents made every effort to ensure that he maintained his Vietnamese tradition and culture. Out of the 5 siblings, he then became the first child in his family to return to Vietnam to live, where he has since rediscovered his passion and love for Vietnamese food. Already with a strong background in F&B, together with his wife, they traveled around Vietnam to find the best recipes for their dishes in Bếp 1919.

Their menu represents the very finest of Vietnamese cuisine in a homemade style, with a taste of the most authentic flavors from charcoal grilled, wok or steamed dishes. Thanh set his heart on this beautiful vintage yellow house was built in 1919 located in the center of the iconic walking streets of Hoi An. Bếp 1919 known as Kitchen 1919 is established on October 2016.

Consists of 140 seats, spread over 3 floors overlooking the stunning Hoi An River. Its rich architecture heritage, furnished in warm and vibrant interior with an extensive menu bright with fresh ingredients, will lead Bếp 1919 to be the new dining oasis for travellers all over the world. Your culinary journey starts here in Bếp 1919 !